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    Publications and Reference
    'Publications' opens a dropdown menu with free downloads: Planning Guides,
    Sight Reduction Tables and Pilots (Sailing Directions Enroute) a.o.

    Sailing Directions Enroute (Pilots) are professional editions in .pdf format.
    Basically aimed at the professional merchant navy, they do contain invaluable
    data and information for the serious sailor. Destinations 'off-the-beaten-track' -
    Lybia, Egypt, Algerya or Tunisia - are covered in great detail.

    Corrections and updates are included through PDU files (Publication Data Updates)
    which are executed during initial installation.

    1. Pub. 131 Western Mediterranean
    2. Pub. 132 Eastern Mediterranean
    3. Pub. 141 Scotland
    4. Pub. 142 Ireland and West Coast of England
    5. Pub. 191 English Channel
    6. Pub. 182 North and West Coast of Norway
    7. Pub. 140 North Atlantic, Baltic Sea, North Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea
      (Planning Guide)
    8. ...
    On the same URI also 'The American Practical Navigator' ("Bowditch").
    The Magnum Opus on navigation is updated and revised including ARPA, ECDIS,
    GMDSS, SOLAS, etc ...
    Wold Time - GMT - Time in every Time Zone
    USCG Navigation Center
    WinZip archive file with nautical calculators: orthodrome, loxodrome, vertex, DR, sailings, etc...
    Online Star Finder

    Nautical Charts
    ShipPlotter displays complete information about ships that are within VHF range
    of your position using the Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS).
    Great freeware.
    Seaclear II, the freeware program to use with raster format nautical charts.
    "The Open ECDIS Forum (OEF) is dedicated to the development of Electronic Chart
    Display and Information Systems (ECDIS). It aims to the vision of a maritime
    Geographic Information System (GIS) that supports navigation, environmental control
    and vessel traffic services".

    Nothing but AAA+ here on the open-source philosophy. An ECDIS with free access,
    based on the knowledge, expertise and contributions of the worldwide salty-dogs-ICT community.
    Commercial website with free downloads
    Cheap paper NOAA Charts in Portfolios with printing on demand
    Online Passage Planning Guide for the British Isles and the Channel
    Visual Passage Planner 2
    The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online. Find the coordinates of any
    location on his planet.
    Imray Nautical Charts and Pilots: commercial website
    Stanford Charts: commercial website

    Simulation software


    Paper about the actual status and future of European, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and American
    orbital navigational systems in space


    DIY WOKTENNA, a cheap high-performance homebuilt WIFI-antenna
    The very best user agent
    Satellite communication using HAM Radio
    Email Service over HF SSB Radio

    Ham equipment
    The Maritime Mobile Service Network
    Worldwide HAM-frequencies and networks
    Continuous Wave or CW (Morse Code) tutor
    HF Radio On Board: Marine Communication Solutions for Everyone, Everywhere
    HAM Mobile Maritime Nets
    Bruney Bay Radio and its HF-SSB radio voice and e-mail service in the NW-part
    of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and Asia
    Maritime Mobile Radio Nets for cruising sailors
    Ionosferic HF propagation analysis and forecast
    MsScan Meteo with a trial-version
    Real-time reception of weather information
    Digital modes for HF-Transceivers, modems and PC.
    Trial-versions in download.
    Satellite Telephone, one system, globally
    Maritime Satellite Solutions
    De Cybercafe Search Engine



    Caution: The internet as such is not an integral part of the Maritime Safety Information System and should never be relied upon as the only means to obtain the latest forecast and warning information.

    Access to Met services may be interrupted or delayed from time to time, updates may also be delayed.

    Please refer to GMDSS services, INMARSAT SafetyNET or international NAVTEX for the latest information. When using these web pages, always check that the page on your screen is not from your cache.
    Use the Refresh or Reload button if in any doubt.

    Animated Bracknell weather fax charts
    The Shipping Forecast

    USAF Sembach
    Operational Weather Squadron
    Grib Files using Ugrib (for Win). Downloads and an interesting forum.


    Grib Explorer SOBGrib
    Deckman Waypoints GPS
    Raytech Planner Viewfax
    MaxSea Ugrib
    Animated wind prognosis for Europe

    Belgium - Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut - Nederlands/Frans/Duit s/Engels
    Denmark - Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut (DMI) - Danish/English
    ECMWF - European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
    Germany - Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) - German/English
    France - Météo-France - French
    United Kingdom - The Met.Office - English
    Greece - Hellenic National Meteorological Service - Greek/English
    Italy - Ufficio Generale per la Meteorologia dell' Aeronautica Militare - Italian
    The Netherlands - Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) - Dutch/English
    Norway - Det norske meteorologiske institutt (DNMI) - Norwegian/English
    Portugal - Instituto de Meterologia (IM) - Portuguese/English
    Russia - Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite (GOMS)
    Spain - Instituto Nacional de Meteorología (INM) - Spanish
    Sweden - Sveriges meteorologiska och hydorlogiska institut (SMHI) - Swedish/English
    Turkey - Devlet Meteoroloji Isleri Genel Müdürlügü - Turkish/English/German
    Tunisia - MeteoTunisie - French
    US - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    WMO - World Meteorological Organization


    Weekly Piracy Reports from the ICC
    Seamanship and Sailing Skills


    Harbours and Ports
    Search ports all over the world
    This URI gives detailed information about 2000 km of British canals and rivers
    Indexes of Portugese and Spanish harbours
    Links to Norwegian harbours


    Cruising and Adventure

    Cruising boats, Cruising People, Cruising Answers
    Blogs and galleries of the well-known american sailing magazine
    A race around the world in 10 feet yachts. This race will start on the 10th January 2009 in the Bahamas.
    The competitors can take their own route but have to stop at the ports of Panama, Darwin and Cape Town.
    The finish is back in the Bahamas. The only price is beating the 1987 record of Serge Testa.
    Website of Eric and Kaat on their way from Nieuwpoort (BE) to Greece.
    Their sailing yacht is a rebuild Fellowship 27.
    In the wake of Belgian's greatest polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache,
    sailing yacht Euronav Belgica skipped by Michel Tordoir leaves Belgium
    on september 16th 2007 towards Antarctica.
    A williwaw is a strong catabatic wind blowing fiercely in moutainous regions towards the sea and is very common in
    in the Straits of Magellan (Chili/Argentina) and the Aleutans (Alaska).

    'Williwaw' is also the name of the ketch which which owner/skipper Willy de Roos
    sailed the Northwest Passage in 1977 -79, mostly solo.
    Willy De Roos, a world-famous sailor and polar explorer, also a HAM-radio amateur
    (ex ON8RP en VK9XR) passed away on august 4th 2008 at the age of 85 years.

    An interview with de Roos shortly after accomplishing this extraordinary polar expedition.
    'Williwaw' is now one of the flagships of the STAB, Sail Training Association Belgium.
    The global site for cruising sailors
    Svalbard (Spitsbergen) at the pace of the reindeer
    Spectacular aluminium maxi sailing yacht for the Arctic and Antarctic regions
    Same as previous URI
    Passage Planning Around South Africa
    National Geographic Travel Guides
    Trans Ocean E.V. Verein, a German organisation for the cruising yachtsmen
    FAQ and Cruising Dictionary
    Cruising Association


    Equipment & Technicals
    Formerly know as 'Bouvaan', this is truly one of the best (and cheapest) DIY windpilots.
    Buy in a kit or ready-to-sail version. See circumnavigators at work using the Holland Wind Vane.
    Self Steering with no strings attached
    Solar energy and the use of LED's
    Solar panels are still much too expensive. When is the 1 EURO/1 Watt breakthrough
    finally coming ?
    Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology with interesting links
    towards CADCAM-systems for boat design
    Hong Kong Sailmakers. They claim to be the cheapest sailmakers on earth.
    Collapsible lobster, prawn and crab pots


    Design and Construction
    Tielsa, a steel racer from the 1977/78 Whitbread Round the World Race.
    Also info on the Suncoast yachts from Jachtwerf "Jachtbouw Noord Nederland".
    Naval architect Caroff from the famous Chatam-series of steel yachts for circumnavigators.
    Boat Plans to download
    Everything on the use of marine composites
    The industry's website
    South-African yacht designer Dudley Dix and his famous
    'Black Cat' cruiser-racer
    More interesting projects of the same guy


    Your car and boat running on PPOs ?
    Belgian-based firm specialising in the conversion (hybrid system implant)
    of diesel engines into PPO (Pure Plant Oil) driven engines.
    The technology is readily available. Conversion is easy and the
    switching between the two systems is automatic.
    Besides, all biofuels are not the same as Pure Plant Oils.
    Maintenance, troubleshooting, problemsolving, ...
    Volvo Penta


    Motor Boat
    Powerboat Magazine


    Tall Ships
    Freudenkreis Klassische Yachten
    Shamrock V, Endeavour, Ranger, Cambria and Velsheda,
    'the most beautiful yachts in het world'


    America's Cup - The Official Site
    A race around the world in 10 feet yachts. This race will start on the 10th January 2009 in the Bahamas.
    The competitors can take their own route but have to stop at the ports of Panama, Darwin and Cape Town.
    The finish is back in the Bahamas. The only price is beating the 1987 record of Serge Testa.
    Cowes Week
    Falmouth to Açores and back
    Route du Rhum
    Tour de France à la Voile
    The Volvo Ocean Race
    Vendée Globe
    Kieler Woche
    Mini Transat
    Den Helder via Orkneys to Norway and back


    Norwegian website (ENG) with a handy STCW '95 wizard. Fill out the query form
    and the program will generate all relevant and compulsory STCW '95 certification.
    British Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA)
    The United Nations International Maritime Organisation


    Boat Shows
    Belgian Boatshow
    Hiswa Portal
    Boot Düsseldorf
    Fort Lauderdale International Boatshow
    St. Petersburg Boat Show
    Annual Palm Beach Boat Show
    Internationale Bootsausstellung Hamburg
    London Boat Show
    Salon Nautique de Paris
    Southampton Boat Show
    The virtual Boat Show


    Literature and Media
    The online resource for the offshore sailor
    'The Sailing Channel'
    Yachting Monthly
    Practical Boat Owner, Britain's biggest selling yachting magazine
    Yachting and Boating World Website


    Beken of Cowes, a 'Master of Marine Photography'
    Very Italian
    America's Cup and The Volvo Ocean Race
    Philippe and Guillaume Plisson
    Database with mostly public domain photographs
    British Photo Agency
    The New York Institute of Photography


    A versatile link base system
    Who's who and what's what in the UK
    The Mother of all Maritime Links
    Saltwater Classics


    Buy/Sell a Boat
    De 24/7 Online Buy/Sell/Rent for:
    Sailing Yachts - Powerboats - Motor Boats - Motorsailors - Multihulls
    Dinghies - Traditional Boats - Inflatables (RIB) - Tenders - Speedboats
    Sport fishing boats - (ex-) Merchant Navy Ships
    Trailers - Engines - Moorings and Real Estate - Other


    Environmental Issues
    The dried fruit of Ritha (soapnut tree - Sapindus Mukorossi Gaertn) is the most valuable
    part of the plant. Its fleshy portion contains saponin, which is an excellent substitute for
    washing powders, soap or detergents and is therefor used a such.

    No chemicals needed any more !!!

    The fruit (nutshells) of the Sapindus Mukorossi.  Buy'em at
    Belgian-based firm specialising in the conversion (hybrid system implant)
    of diesel engines into PPO (Pure Plant Oil) driven engines.
    The technology is readily available. Conversion is easy and the
    switching between the two systems is automatic.
    Besides, all biofuels are not the same as Pure Plant Oils.
    Pure Plant Oil. Jatropha-oil and canola-oil as sustainable alternatives for kerosene and diesel.
    It can be done. Despite all the controversy powered by ill-informed agro-economists.
    And without putting a claim on world food production.
    eBIO, the voice of the EU bioethanol fuel industry
    The introduction of invasive marine species into new environments by
    ships’ ballast water, attached to ships’ hulls and via other vectors has been
    identified as one of the four greatest threats to the world’s oceans.

    The other three are land-based sources of marine pollution,
    overexploitation of living marine resources and
    physical alteration/destruction of marine habitat.
    The Coral Reef Interactive mapserver
    Defend - Conserve - Protect
    Greenpeace Belgium
    Greenpeace Nederland
    Up-to-date information on environmental issues
    Salmon farming is OK ??????????
    Environmental issues for Aviation


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